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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Konnichiwa Tokyo!

Today we arrived in Japan. We got into Tokyo Narita airport around 3-ish Japan time after a very, very long flight. We took the limousine bus to our hotel (which took two hours, but it was okay because Ms. Allen made friends with some Japanese women who recommended a couple noodle shops for us to go to for dinner). We then got to out hotel rooms, freshened up, and met Pauline, Mutsuko, and Mutsuko's cousin for dinner. We went to one of the noodle shops recommended by the woman on the bus. Then, we all ate ramen. It was interesting because you had to purchase a ticket from a machine and then give it to the waiter to get your food. After that we walked around the controversial shrine of Yasukuni-jinja, where the nation's war dead are remembered. I'll post some pictures too. Tomorrow I'll have a lot of stuff to post about.


The pictures go in reverse chronological order so start at the bottom of the post.

The national theatre or something of that sort. Mutsuko pointed it out to us and it's a pretty cool building.

Yasukuni-jinja, the war shrine

More noodles!


The machine you buy your food ticket from at the noodle shop

our hotel

The bus

The airport

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  1. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the posts and pics, Nick! I feel like I'm there with you. Good for Ms. Allen for ferretting out the noodle shop.