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Monday, August 2, 2010



Contrary to many of my expectations, Japan is not as modern or as sophisticated as I had expected. It retains a deep connection to the past, despite the modern skyscrapers of Tokyo and the sleek subway system that runs like clockwork. Contemporary city dwellers cycle along busy streets without helmets, dogs in their baskets, as they pick up tofu on their way home for dinner. Rarely do you detect a wireless network on the computer, although the ubiquitous cell phones seem to define the Japanese experience. And although McDonald's and Starbuck's are around every corner, Japanese people do like to eat Japanese food and drink sake.

A little tourism in the excrutiating heat and the humidity has given us the opportunity to ask for blessings in one Buddhist shrine after another. There seems to be a cure for everything. The headache blessing has really reduced my migraines. Perhaps it's also the serenity of a bamboo forest, or a thousand-year-old temple covered in moss.

You should watch Nick and Pauline speak Japanese.

Oh, the workshops, the work+ yes, we did a workshop in Tokyo (complete with a songfest) and we have another one today in Kyoto. Tonight, we will reflect on our work together.

Ouch...I accidentally deleted all my pictures from my camera this morning....


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  1. What an interesting trip you are having. I'm glad the Buddha's blessing are working for your migraines, Kim :) --Shelli