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Monday, September 13, 2010


On September 1st, we delivered all of the petitions we collected in Japan (we accounted for only about 4,000 signatures but the number is much much larger) to Senator Charles Schumer's Office in Washington D.C.. We presented the petitions to Gretchen Gardner, Defense Legislative Fellow to Senator Schumer, and told her all about our trip to Japan. Gretchen was incredibly nice and seemed very optimistic about the ratification of the New Start Treaty. Much to our delight, she assured us that Senator Schumer would see our petitions and maybe even mention us and our story in some of his talking points about the treaty. Overall it was a wonderful completion of our trip -- only the ratification of the New Start Treaty, could be a more wonderful completion.

Me and Pauline handing the petitions over to Gretchen

Pauline and me prepping for our meeting in the Senate Office Building. There were a lot of papers to compile.

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